Primrose Blanket Review

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So I guess people have been reading my original blog post which got me thinking I might as well give you some reasons why I love/use the products we sell. My First purchase (and I mean big purchase if you've contemplated it I would say now just buy it girl!) the Primrose Waffle Style Blanket. I am and lets just be honest here, OBSESSED with blankets. Fuzzy Blankets, Comforters, Throws, Duvets you name it I probably own multiple. (Primrose Waffle Blanket Ft. Mia)

primrose waffle blanket

Lately the vibe in the house has been very comfortable if you know what I mean. This blanket is not far from my side if it's not on my lap. The texture of the blanket has been great so far but I have not yet followed the manufacturer instructions and soaked the blanket because well let's be honest here it was too soft out of the packaging. 

My Serious blanket enthusiasts out there will know all to well about the classic Costco fuzzy blanket perfect for size, cozy rating and easily thrown on the couch for movie night! This has been my go to blanket for well years, do I still love it? Yes. Will I still seek out this gorgeous soft pink blanket for my couch sessions? Yes. Will I order all colours? Probably. But I'm bias. 

1 Week Later.....

fluffy primrose blanket

Finally Finished actually soaking the blanket and not napping with it. I have soaked and washed it two times and absolutely love it more each time it makes it way back to the couch. My only con for this blanket is size, I was anticipating a much bigger blanket because I mis read my sample size. This being said it's the absolute perfect size for wrapping around for a fire or movie night.

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