About Us

Hey Finders,

Welcome to the fam! Here at Tiny Town Essentials we are an online based company with no retail store at this time! Our team is based out of Alberta, Canada and as a unit seem to adopt anyone and everyone who walks through our doors. My partner and I have always had a serious issue with products that we spend stupid amounts of money on and wait excitedly to ship before realizing we live in a world of disposal. Everything and anything we were using created massive amounts of garbage, recycling and made us feel icky in the process. This absolute annoyance in our house hold led to this! 

Tiny Town Essentials. We seek to source products that are not only easy to use or rather hard to live without. These products are ones we've selected because we either love the company and love their products or simply think they're awesome! Through this journey as I am sure we will learn time and time again nothing replaces hard work. 

Our team commits to working with you through any issue/need you will have! Feel free to contact us through email with any concerns or questions. Subscribing to our email list will allow us to update you on sales, new items an items you might have forgot to come back for!


We look forward to Finding with you,

Tiny Town Team