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Q: Where are you Located? A: We are an online based company, we ship direct from our manufactures to minimize contact. Q: When will my item ship? A: You should receive shipping details within a week after the order is processed. Because we use many manufactures all over the world shipping times vary. Q: Do we have any organic Hand Sanitizer? A: Unfortunately due to high demand and price gouging we are unable to provide you with a reliable option for a reasonable price at this time, Check out our Bath collection for Organic Soap. Q: Returns/Refunds? A: We offer Returns/Refunds for any products that have been unused, No Refunds on Handmade or customizable items. Customers are Responsible for the shipping postage...

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About Us

Hey Finders, Welcome to the fam! Here at Tiny Town Essentials we are an online based company with no retail store at this time! Our team is based out of Alberta, Canada and as a unit seem to adopt anyone and everyone who walks through our doors. My partner and I have always had a serious issue with products that we spend stupid amounts of money on and wait excitedly to ship before realizing we live in a world of disposal. Everything and anything we were using created massive amounts of garbage, recycling and made us feel icky in the process. This absolute annoyance in our house hold led to this! 

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